My other sport, golf

Golf is considered by many to be one of the greatest games ever created. Traced back to as early as the fifteenth century, golf has good reason to be such a popular sport throughout the world. First played in the dunes of Scotland, it eventually moved to the rest of the United Kingdom, to the British Empire, and finally to the United States of America in the late nineteenth century. Due to the appreciation of the sport, golf quickly grew throughout each country that caught wind of it.

Golf is a sport that began over 600 years ago and to this day continues to grow. From a simple game made to cure boredom with the use of a stick and pebble to the advanced clubs and dimpled golf balls of today, golf has continuously grown since its birth in Eastern Scotland. With the endorsement of  Kings, Queens, and countless businesses, golf has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world, not to mention it was the first sport played on the moon!

Of all the sports in the world, aside from dance, I thoroughly enjoy a good game of golf and am grateful to those bored minds in Scotland who originated the idea.

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