Katt Williams and animated movies. When I realized I had to make a correlation between the two for my portfolio theme, I was stumped. No matter how long or hard I thought about it, I just simply could not come up with any relation between a raunchy, black comedian and Disney-like movies. When I went to visit my professor to discuss my portfolio theme, I presented him with a blank piece of paper followed by a “that’s all I’ve got.” Naturally with his creative imagination he instantly exclaimed “oh, that’s easy!” my facial reaction to that had to of been priceless. He then pointed out to me that the man in Katt William’s skit, Oscar Pistorius, and the main character in Avatar, Jake Sully, both share a common attribute, leg disabilities. My long-awaited correlation had finally come, now all I needed to do was create my wildcard.

My idea for my wildcard came much easier than discovering the correlation between my essays. I immediately thought about my friend, Chance Veazey, who had recently been in an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Chance never let his disability stop him from living his life to the fullest. To this day, he still goes hunting, still participates on the baseball team, and still lifts weights and works out with his fellow baseball teammates.

For my first essay I wrote about how the Disney movie Pocahontas and the animated film Avatar are nearly identical replicas of each other. I didn’t focus on the character Jake Sully  and his disability as the main point of my essay, but he plays a larger role within the theme of my portfolio. Jake Sully, just like Chance from my wildcard, never let his paralyzation stop him from pursuing his dreams and went on excursions with a military-like team. He performed extraordinary acts everyday for a person with such a restricting disability.

For my second essay I chose to write about Katt William’s skit entitled “Poor Little Tink Tink.” Poor little tink tink is referring to a man known as Oscar Pistorius who was born with no legs from the knee down. Pistorius, just like Chance and Jake Sully, also never let his disabilities deter him from living his dreams. Even after the olympic committee ruled him as having an unfair advantage and disqualified him from the race, he still went on to win gold medals in the Olympics. Not only did he not let his disability hinder him, he also never let rulings such as that stand in the way of his goals. He fought hard to be able to race in the Olympics, and fought even harder to win that highly sought after gold medal.

Katt Williams also possesses these same qualities that Chance Veazey, Jake Sully, and Oscar Pistorius do. He too had to face trials and tribulations on his road to success. He never let his setbacks in life, like being arrested, becoming a single father, or a slight mishap with drug use interfere with his ultimate passion in life. Williams pursued his comedic career with extreme determination, just like I did with every pirouette I faced in dance.

The overall theme for my portfolio is centered around those with disabilities, however the underlying theme is more of perseverance. All of the men in my writings faced hardships in their lives, yet still overcame them in order to accomplish their dreams.

“Through perseverance many people win success

out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.” – Benjamin Desraeli

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