Walden and My Own Enlightenment

Walden, by Henry David Thoreau was written about the events and ideas that came to the author during his time living at Walden Pond in the eighteen hundreds.  Henry David Thoreau was a poet and a philosopher who lived a life of simplicity in order to make a direct connection between people, God, and nature.  He viewed knowledge as an “intuitive force rather than a set of learned, logical proofs.”  His writing in Walden focused on many different themes, including living simply and deliberately, the relationship between mind and body, and knowing yourself. Thoreau also deeply explores many different aspects of the environment through Walden, and enlightens the reader to a new, unbiased perspective of the world. From water, agriculture, and animals to economy, scarcity, and anthropogenic effects, Walden covers nearly every aspect associated with the environment and the issues correlated with it.

After reading such a phenomenal, although at times tedious, novel I feel more inclined to explore myself and search for who I really am. I also am now more aware of the value in everything I posses and have attained a greater appreciation to life outside of my house. Thoreau’s work has enlightened me to a more simplistic way of living and will encourage me in the future to be more productive with my time, and less affiliated with unnecessary means in life such as money, fame, and material possessions. However, I’ve more importantly learned that happiness is mental, and I am the sole person in control of it.

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