Friendships are an interesting and complex aspect of society. They come in many shapes and sizes; there are “real” friends, enemies, “fake” friends, backstabbers, social acquaintances, lovers, I could go on and on. It is a natural human instinct to form relationships, as humans we crave social interaction. A human without these relationships can tend to become a disturbed, distanced, and unhealthy individual.

Although friendships are a need for human health, they can also have an opposite impact. Some friends turn out to not be what you expected, this usually occurs when the other has their self in mind more than you or the friendship. Some people in life are blessed (or cursed) with the desire to tend to others, like myself. I am without a doubt a giver, a person who seeks to better any friendship by catering to the other individual; I always go out of my way to be the best friend I can. 

What I’ve learned from my friendships in the past and present is that not everyone carries these same qualities as me. Just like every individual is unique, so is every friendship. Some of my friends have used me for their own social gain, some have repeated my secrets, and some have truly been in my life to see me shine. Some friendships aren’t perfect, but no matter how vile or corrupt they can become one thing is certain, that relationship will always remain. The best thing in life to do is to sit back, learn, and observe who your friends are and then tailor your actions accordingly. Burning bridges will only tear down your roads. 

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