It was a monsoon outside, the rain was relentless and the thunder roared what seemed like every two minutes. I opened the door to see how bad the storm was, and in front of me sat the most beautiful set of eyes I had ever seen. These eyes belonged to a tiny, barely two month old, fluffy orange kitten.

Animals are truly a blessing to the people of this earth. When paired with a human, the bond that can be formed between that of feline and human can be undeniably powerful. My bond came when I was a freshman in college, about 3 years ago. I lived in the dorms at the time, but had convinced my boyfriend to take care of a cat for me until I moved out. We were in the process of picking out a kitten when the storm I’ll never forget blew by. 

I don’t know how my cat wound up on those doorsteps that cold night, but I believe it was no coincidence. This cat was meant to be in my life and the bond between the two of us is one I’ve never experienced before. I never understood people and their undying love for their animal companions, until I found one of my own. 

Animal companions are not just companions, they are as significant as your loved ones. Although you can’t speak to them, you still understand them and their every thoughts. You connect with them as strongly as your other human relations. It has been unbelievable to me to learn how strong of a bond a human can create between themselves and their furry friends.

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