One of the most important days to a teenager is the day they turn 16, or more importantly, the day they receive their long-awaited drivers license. I remember the night before my drivers test, I was up until the crack of dawn taking my driver-ed online classes because I had procrastinated it, like most things in my life. When the sun came up, and the clocked strike 9, I knew it was my time, and I knew I would come out successful. Although my nerves were as racked as possible, and my sleep was at zero, I had the confidence of an olympic medalist. 

In the end my confidence paid off and I did, indeed, come out triumphant. I’ll never forget that day, and my dad will never forget how many tanks of gasoline I burned. As I drove around with my best friend in the passenger seat, I had discovered a more powerful aspect to feeling of freedom.

I’ll never forget my 16th birthday, but more importantly, I’ll never forget what it felt like to finally take my first step of independence. 

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