It was another typical day in fifth grade and I was listening to my crazy mathematics teacher when the principle walked into the room. She whispered something into my teachers ears and we all watched as our teacher began to cry. She gave us no explanation and we continued the day per usual, but it was obvious there was something wrong with every faculty member. I found out that the twin towers had been hit when my mother picked me up after school and we watched it on her television in the car. I thought to myself “why is everyone freaking out over something that isn’t affecting us? We live in south Georgia, and that’s happening in New York!” my mother didn’t exactly explain anything about it to me either. Unable to comprehend the brevity of the situathome worsens about my day like any other. It was about a year later that I actually comprehended how our nation had been attacked and what it truly meant. 

When the news of Osama Bin Ladens death came around, the first emotion I felt was excitement. I don’t remember where I was, but I remember thinking to myself “Thank God!” and “why did it take this long?” another thought I had was that our President Barack Obama, and Commander in Chief, had impeccable timing with such a feat. It “coincidentally” happened right before campaigning for the reelection would begin. A part of me feels as if this was a strategy the president used to gain more population before the race. I believe we have had the skills, the technology, and the capability to find and kill this man for far longer than it actually took. 

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