Beauty and the Beast

Like most young girls in today’s society, I admire the everyday love story. The first one I ever heard was Beauty and the Beast, and it is one I will never forget. In this love story, a very rude prince is transformed into an ugly beast and is given a set amount of time to find a women to love him for who he truly is. As the plot begins to thicken, a very sweet, young lady slowly begins to fall in love with a beast that once frightened her to death. Within a matter of seconds of his given deadline, he is transformed back in to the young man he once was, and like the traditional Disney movie it is, they live happily ever after.

Overall I love this story because it is a classic example of a true romantic “love story.” However, what I love the most about this tale is the lesson it teaches those who watch it. It shows others that our outside beauty is not what matters, that it is your inner beauty that speaks the loudest. I believe this is one of the most important life lessons an individual can learn throughout life; It holds so much power and truth. I will forever adore the Beauty and the Beast because of this beautiful underlying meaning it possesses.

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